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mountain-climbing-300x225If you live in the state of New Jersey. Allow me to offer you my services as a financial professional and invite you to sit down with me for 30-minutes at no cost or obligation to discuss your goals and concerns. I am Trustworthy-Dependable-Qualified and offer a much-needed service. BIO. I love what I do and I am very good at it. My passion and purpose are to help my clients become more financially independent. I show them how to organize their finances, eliminate debt, reduce high-cost products and services, and save for their goals. I empower my clients by helping them  realize their true self-wealth, which is so much more valuable than ones net-worth. I help stop stress, worry  and doubt, which leads to a happier, healthier quality of life, filled with peace and abundant prosperity. I wrote a book on the topic:  WEALTHY HAPPY and WISE ... You see....

People don’t plan to fail … they fail to plan

This is WHY my service is so valuable. I will invest my time and talents in you: take inventory of your strengths; get clarity on your goals, which will empower you to move forward in a positive way. I responsibly push you forward until your own new 6-27-financial-planvision becomes so compelling; it pulls you to its achievement. A core value and belief I live by is that we can have anything in life we want if we just help enough people get what they want. Allow me to help you get what you want. Allow me to help you turn your dreams into your reality, so that you can live the life you choose and  Live Your Life Plan.

My Investment and Life Insurance resources, LifeMark Securities Corp and National Financial Fidelity Investments  and my Mortgage Company, Home Point Financial, offer you an extensive line of financial products and services whose depth and breadth are unrivaled in the industry.  I collaborate with specialists across many financial disciplines. I can work with your Accountant and Attorney or you can you can utilize the services of my preferred partners. My clients are fully supported by a knowledgeable and professional administrative staff. I am certain you will benefit from our knowledge base, diversified experience, the latest technology and my personal attention, which when combined creates a unique opportunity that changes people’s lives in a very positive way forever. LifeMarks home office  and National Financial Services Fidelity Investments  regional office are located in New York State. Home Point Financial's regional office is located in Parsippany, New Jersey, and  my personal office,  is located in the Passaic County area of New Jersey. I would be happy to meet with you in your home or local area. I want you to be comfortable and feel empowered as we talk about YOUR future.

Call me at 862-400-5494img_6901

The question I am most asked is: Am I ready to retire? 

*** Did you know someone is turning age 65, every 7 seconds, 24 hours a day for the next 15 years running here in America?  That is a staggering number and it raises some very important questions:

Will you outlive your money supply?
Do you know how much your Social Security benefits will be?
Do you know what age is the best time to start receiving those benefits?
Did you know that even if you are divorced you can still draw a benefit based upon your spouse’s higher income earned?
What happens if your spouse passes on before you?
What will be the amount of your new benefit?
What happens to their Pension Income? Will it stop or continue? How much will it be?
Have you addressed the high cost of Health Care and Long Term Care protection?
Do you have Life Insurance?
Is the coverage too much or too little and at what cost? Is it the best kind of contact for you and your needs?

Intellectually we all know the rule ~ BUY at the low and SELL at the high, but that is not what most people do.“Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria” Sir John Templeton. And so I ask:
WHO is investing your money?
WHAT is your money invested in? What are the fees and expenses?
WHERE are your accounts?
HOW is it diversified? ... and
TO WHAT DEGREE~Does your portfolio meet your risk tolerance profile properly? Is it so conservative that it doesn’t keep pace with inflation and taxation? Or perhaps it’s too risky and subjected to market corrections swings that are too large and unrealistic to recapture the losses you could experience.
Do you have stop loss protection built in your portfolio and has someone addressed and educated you on guaranteed income streams?
Do you have a last Will and Testament?
Do you have Health Care Directives?
Have you addressed the transference of your legacy both before as well as after a death?

These are just a few of the questions I will address when we meet. In this way, at the very least you will be more informed to make an intelligent decision moving forward. Knowledge is True Power.

Call me at 862-400-5494 let's talk about your Financial Future

There is no cost or obligation and you get the value and benefit of our Wealth Management Team that stands behind me as your Personal Financial Professional. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, except maybe 30 minutes of your time that could turn out to be the best time you have ever invested in yourself.

Paul Agliata, Registered Representative and Investment Representative of LifeMark Securities Corp.
400 West Metro Financial Center, Rochester, NY 14623, 585-424-5672, Member FINRA / SIPC


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